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How to Get More Business To Your Law Firm.

45 Marketing Ideas For Solicitors.

Law firm marketing is the practice of attracting new potential clients to your law firm. This might include a mix of digital marketing, SEO, blogging, billboard ads, and many other tactics. But no matter how you approach it, law firm marketing can easily consume a lot of your time and energy, hence this is why law Firms hire Marketing Agencies to do the work on their behalf, leaving them more time to concentrate on more pressing matters.

Law Firm Marketing and business development are solely focused fo solicitors, barristers, and mediators. New inquiries. Better prospect conversion. Increased client spend. We know what it takes. Knowing how to motivate and encourage clients to take the next step is the fundamental strategy that is addressed below.

45 Marketing Ideas For Solicitors.

1. Have an exact match searchable keyword or keyphrase domain name. (You can forward the domain to your existing website, but you need to do SEO to match the keywords.

2. Change your homepage title to the main keyword to match your domain name.

3. Add a Header title to include the keywords in the domain name.

4. Add keywords to your meta description.

5. Get subscribers which you can then convert to an email list.

6. Offer an ebook to entice subscribers to give you their email address.

7. Send a newsletter to clients old and new.

8. Add a chat widget so that you can interact with your prospective clients that visit your website.

9. Set up social media pages on all major platforms.

10. Network at events.

11. Send your information to all estate agents in your area.

12. Ask to advertise on sites that may have customers that may need your services such as estate agents, (check if you are allowed to advertise by visiting the law society first).

13. Set up your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn Business Page, promoting an offer for one of your services in your headline bio, and connect with all of your business contacts and old clients; a nice gentle way to remind them of your existence.

14. Get followers to your business, connect with businesses that would find your services useful.

15. Set up a blog with an exact match keyword or keyphrase domain name.

16. Make an offer to use your legal services on your own blog or other people’s blogs and post links to all social media platforms. This will notify search engines you are posting content, creating backlinks, not only will help you get leads it will also help to rank your website/blog

17. Call old clients or people who refer to you for a general catch-up and to see if they have anything in the pipeline for you. Ensure that the primary purpose of the call is to genuinely catch up with them and let the conversation lead on to your legal services if it is right that it does so.

18. Set up a stand at a home buying expo or any event that may use your services.

19. Contact businesses and offer to write contracts for them.

20. Contact Accountants and offer your services to their clients and visa versa.

21. Create a Google Business Page, make google your friend and post regularly on the site.

22. Create Google Ads but do take into account Google charges a lot of money for some keywords so you need to work out a daily budget to meet with the keyword bids.

23. Social Media Ads (check with the law society if this is permitted.

24. Create your own monthly periodical publication that people can read.

25. Create your own video or hire an agency, so that you can share your information.

26. Advertise on Law Firm Directories and get your banner on the first page.

27. Pay for landing pages on directories to showcase your services.

28. Send out branded merchandise to companies.

29. Join Law Firm Forums and network.

30. Join Real Estate Forums and network your services as well as advertising.

31. Sponsor Events.

32. Contact charities and say you will sponsor or allow them to advertise on your blog or social media pages in exchange they forward your information to people that may want your services.

33. Contact Insurance Underwriters and offer your services.

34. Obtain an A Board and put it outside of your offices with an offer to use your legal services. You will need local council permission to do this and have public liability insurance, off the top of my head it is about 3 Million GBP.

35. Set special offers if they come back within a set timeframe.

36. Create an ebook that will cover all of the core concerns that your prospects will have about your specialist legal service and then make this available to your clients on your premises and from your website.

37. Write a press release, send it to your local papers, and follow it up with a telephone call.

38. Write that advertisement that you have been running in your local paper for the last few years to focus on only one aspect of your services. Include an offer to use your services with a deadline (no deadline = total recline).

39. Offer to run a seminar, webinar, or teleseminar for one of your referrers on a topic of interest to their clients. This gives you the chance of winning new clients from their clients.

40. Join LinkedIn Groups that contain your target clients and start answering their questions so that you become seen as the ‘go-to expert’ in your area of legal expertise.

41. Ask the local businesses that have customers that may need your services to mention you and pass them a flyer. In turn, you could do the same for them.

42. Do a poll on social media and ask people questions like when is the best time to write a will with options a, b, & c. This will help spread awareness of your brand.

43. Give out those brochures to every person that visits your office or give them a calendar magnet that they can stick on their fridge bearing your business name.

44. Also depending on how many employees you have get them to advertise your brand with umbrellas bearing your logo and website. Golf umbrellas are not for everyone especially ladies so have a range of sizes your customers and employees can choose from. The UK is has a lot of rain so imagine how much free advertising you can have.

45. Foldable Grocery Shopping bags advertising your insignia not only will help save the planet but will also help you as a business.

I hope there are one or two pointers that can help your business.

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