GP Negligence!

GP Negligence.

Failure of providing ‘Duty of Care’ by a GP Practice to include Breach of Doctor-Patient Confidentiality and Patient Suffering Emotional Distress.

When a patient reaches out four times to a GP surgery and the GP ignores the person outreach, what does one do?

I have written about GP Surgeries on my marketing site with my own personal experience omitting to name the surgery in question.

I wrote an in-depth letter to my GP back in May 2021 and sent it via email as an attachment and marked it “private and confidential”.

Originally I sent the letter to a doctor at the practice only to find later that she had left and was prompted to send the same email to the practice manager.

What the practice manager should have done is passed on the email to one of the Doctors without opening the attachment, but she did not.

When I questioned the ethics with the practice manager over the phone at the time I sent the email with her confirming she had read my letter (I have a copy of the email response), she replied that all staff at the practice can access my notes and that all staff sign nondisclosure agreements.

A nondisclosure agreement does not safeguard the person’s privacy because what is stopping the practice manager from talking pillow talk? She would not necessarily have to say the full name of the patient but the contents of the email could cause irrefutable damage even if the name is not mentioned.

In my case, it does not take a rocket scientist to know my identity and if the content of the letter was ever published on social media how would I prove who said what? If the information was shared with a third party how would I prove who leaked the information?

There has to be more done to protect patient medical records and in England, you can request who can see your information via the NHS website but it is not available in Wales.

(This is applicable for England NOT Wales).

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Here is what has happened to me so far:

  1. The letter has never been responded to by any GP at the practice.
  2. The practice manager admitted she read the letter and updated the system of my ailments.
  3. The cluster pharmacist who phoned me to review my annual medication also admitted to reading my letter.
  4. The receptionist who I spoke to yesterday said he was going to read my letter after I made escalated my complaint approx 6 months later, but when I said the letter was not for him to read, he later corrected himself and said he could only read the snippet of the letter (this is on a recorded call at the surgery)
  5. The practice manager then phoned me yesterday and said unless I phone back to make a consultation the doctor will not be phoning me. (So she could not pass a message on)?

May I add, the contents of the letter were easy to understand so by talking over the phone I would be just repeating myself. Furthermore, the doctor could have just added some medication to my repeat prescription like 6 months ago. The GP by rights should have phoned me to follow up on the letter as a Duty of Care to the patient but they did not.

However, I know the damage has been done like 6 months down the line I have had to self-help myself because the NHS has failed me.

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Here is the article I wrote yesterday on the marketing site:

Imagine if for example in the snippet of the letter it said the word Suicide or a patient was feeling suicidal and the notes were on the system but the GP did follow up.

Before jumping the gun I do suffer from anxiety and depression but have never had suicidal thoughts, but imagine if I did?

I have also written about Doctor-Patient Confidentiality on another site that I own:

**Note: This could be a lawsuit against the NHS Wales for not protecting Patient Medical Records and also against the GP Practice for ‘Lack of Duty of Care. I would be seeking damages for emotional distress. If any law firm can work ‘Pro Bono’ you are welcome to message using the form below:

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