What you will receive for your £100 Credit.

1 Campaign Banner Advert on 10 marketing websites (Normal price £30 per month banner ad per month per website, will be seen on the sidebar, footer, and in the scroll of a website where applicable).

2. Listing into Business Directory (Free)

3. (1) Professional Marketing Video (30 seconds to 1 minute long) shared on all social media platforms, pages, and groups and also on our 10 websites.

4. Landing Page with backlinks to your website on this site.

5. Content Writing (1 blog post per week duration 1 month shared on 10 marketing websites and social media platforms, pages, and groups).

** Please note this offer is based on one month of free marketing and advertising when you buy one month at the cost of £99.99.


You could just have one banner ad on this site in the sidebar and footer plus a write-up about your company shared on multiple social media platforms and with our network of connections for only £30.00 per month.

If you are interested in the Advertising & Marketing Package as mentioned above just drop us a line to discuss your marketing and advertising needs.

With over 10K connections on LinkedIn and 5K on Facebook and thousands of Subscribers to our Websites, you are sure to have some coverage as we will also share on Social Meda Pages and Groups to spread awareness.

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